Tablet Digital Menus

Digital Menu Card :

We work with each restaurant chain on customized solutions for tablet digital menus for ipad, Android. Customize your restaurant’s flare and increase your ROI with a tablet digital menu board. The tablet digital menus can be used with point-of-sale on the management side or they can be integrated for direct use by your customers as a way to increase the flare and attractiveness of your company. Contact us today for a specific quote on your project.

Digital Menu Card
  • Digital Menu Card features your entire menu on the tablet.
  • Easy to edit and update
  • Comes with attractive pictures of your dishes.
  • Detailed description ( ingredients, Calories, etc ), Promotional offers.
  • The Digital Menu Cards can effectively replace the conventional menu cards in the resturants
  • Increases the average amount spent by the customer
  • Serves to attract new customers.
  • Differentiates you from your competitors.
  • Improves efficiency and reduces labor costs.
  • Complements the look and feel of your resturants.

  • How It Works

    Digital Menu Card Cycle