Content Management System

Content Management System

The QT Content Manager is a Web based User interface. The main purpose of this content manager is to control and maintain QT-Signage player via network in order to simplifying and reducing the resource required to manage entire system.

This server based user interface is used to manage hundreds, even thousands of QT-Players and its media contents along with playlist. And also it is used to plan scheduling playlist with its contents. And this will provide several Templates options of various areas (domain) for quicker playlist design and also user can define and save their own design.

The user can manage the entire system by login their QT-signage accounts with their Permissions Levels.

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QT-Content Manager Key Features

  • Content Types
  • Easy User Interface
  • Flash News Messages
  • Media Library Management
  • Playlist
  • Remote Device Management
  • Schedules
  • Surveillance
  • Templates
  • User Accounts