Digital menu cards as handy tablets, improve order accuracy, new item update, with additional information viz., calorie count and recommendation of new items in clear high definition. Dedicated LCD, that are incorporated with high speed processors, providing super quick response times and easy tangible customer interaction. This can be switched between menu browsing mode and ordering mode, based on logistics of the eatery.Restaurateurs can customize menus making it easier for the customers to place order swiftly. Also, descriptions for every item can be added.

Dual (back-to-back) screened displays can be placed inside along the glass walls, so comprehensible content for advertisement on the outside and restaurant details on the inside can be made. Weatherproof outdoor units with adaptive high brightness can be viewed well even under variable sunlight. Moreover, extra protection against unnecessary attacks can also be circumvented with strong hard protection for both glass and the entire system. Vertical standees are more suitable for displaying menus and horizontal for other advertisement. Consider rotational displays for this purpose.

Digital menu boards come in two great options: P2 or P3 LED with a bezel less, visible as  single unit displays, with a close affiliation to video walls or as separate indoor high brightness LCD screens in either portrait or landscape mode for easy viewing of available combos, pricing, the day’s specialities, order numbers and much more.


Drawing customers into stores, markets, shops and malls, with engaging digital signage solutions, increases sales operational efficiency and brand awareness. Vertical standees as a content broadcaster or as interactive kiosks are a major attraction. Create a seamless omni channel strategy through streaming live video content whilst advertising your content, as the video plays or during ad breaks, on large horizontal indoor displays or vandalism-proof landscape outdoor displays with elevated brightness. Great addition would be wide screened panoramic LCDs with large aspect ratio. Products displayed in ultra high definition, provide minute details, hidden from normal vision. Powerful QT signage players provide a digitized approach to connecting and networking multiple advertising, promotional and additional elements across various displays.


Fast-paced world needs a faster, more responsive, effective displays. A lively LED video wall featuring appealing content, high definition wall mounts for displaying waiting time, service stage of vehicles, and more to provide the best of services, across various places, using efficient content management, providing easy scheduling and publishing of appealing content from anywhere.

QMAX CMS cloud based software aid in controlling, grouping and remote managing of various content, for displays of all shapes (portrait, panoramic, landscape, square, rotatable) and sizes ( from a mere 24 inches to a whopping 98 inches), with great contrast and large pixels.



Interactive displays can be used as wayfinders in railway stations and airports with maps, current location and destination mapping details. Airports already host small horizontal LCD panels, that display information source and destination. Interactive kiosks can act as check-in counters and for displaying flight display information. LED video walls in railway stations and airport, display current date information on the arrivals and departures.


LED video walls are a major attraction to cinema, theaters concert halls, exhibitions and any art form. With pixel pitches as low as 2.5mm, large content becomes gigantic and still remains clear, even while viewed within a couple of meters. Interactive self-service ticketing counters powered by interactive touch-screen kiosks could help reduce man-power and make audience experience engaging, reducing wait times. Horizontal medium sized displays can be deployed to display available movies and screens. The signage players are embedded with powerful processors that can display large data in a jiffy. Dedicated graphic processor units ensure that the details in the data projected is not reduced.


Additionally food courts, could be hosted on digital menu boards and provide competitive pricing to attract more customers. Gaming stations with latest updates on upcoming tournaments, large vertical standees with huge display to screen ratio on the tournament leader, empty stations and outside climate. WIdgets provide a great boost.


Corporate Networks

Business meetings and developments require unhindered presentation. QT digital signages’ high end solutions in combination with crystal clear displays, enlivens every interaction. Speeches of C-suite officials can be broadcasted live, employing QT’s live streaming and recorder, with a single HDMI live input  for video capture from camcorder, laptops, set-top-boxes and multiple high performance signage players working at the back-end. QT CMS further helps in capturing screenshots from time to time.

Vertical standees and wall mount landscape displays can be displayed outside and within entrance of the office building, as a welcome to big clients and dignitaries, common practices to be followed, upcoming celebrations, important announcements, brand/product advertisements and a lot more.

Horizontal display outside meeting rooms can be used to display information on current meetings and room scheduling.


Dispensing critical care while alleviating anxiety can be carried out by using wall mounts on the various hospital procedures, information on endemic diseases, integrating third-party scheduling systems to ensure patients and caretakers are obtaining up to date information. Entertaining live video and news feeds, reduce perceived waiting times. Self-service interactive kiosks further streamline service and empower caretakers. Additional revenue can be generated by displaying information on the available health check-ups and the state-of-the-art, diagnostics and therapeutics involved along with the cutting-edge robotic surgery employed.


Medical tourism with improved digital signage technology help hospitals and clinics handle communication and operations effectively. Multiple departments with various doctors and patients can be managed with QT content management systems. This web-based software (also available offline with standalone servers), can handle its queues effectively with maximum security. Other applications lin quality management system and navigation applications can also be integrated with the established signage player.



The QT digital signage platform allows you to easily introduce agile digital messaging strategy for capturing attention, wayfinding kiosks, schedule of individual students with information on the course and room, free rooms available with the help of multi touch screens propelled by signage players with high RAM and 32GB of extensible data. QT cloud-based CMS is a stable, flexible and easy to use interface, allowing campus management to control power over the internet, aside from protection against vandalism to the signages and displays, to switch on and off displays when necessitated.